Thank You for a Wonderful 25 Years

Today, I let my staff know that Basta will be closing at the end of the year.
This was a very hard decision, probably one of the most difficult in my experience.
I feel Basta has run its course, and now it is time to exit gracefully.
I would like to thank my patrons, with whom I have grown older and hopefully wiser
and especially my staff who made it all possible.  

A presto,  Marco

Amatriciana for Amatrice

Amatrice, a small town northeast of Rome, was recently devastated by an earthquake, destroying nearly half the town and killing close to 300 people.

This small town is famous for its chefs and regional cuisine, one specific pasta dish in particular, known throughout Italy as Amatriciana.  I remember as a child, this was one of my father’s favorite dishes.  In fact, it was the first dish I learned to cook!  Amatriciana is made with onions, white wine, guanciale, fresh tomatoes and chili, served over bucatini with pecorino cheese.

In efforts to support Amatrice, Basta and Cibo will be serving Amatriciana September 5th through 12th and proceeds will be donated to the Italian Red Cross.

I hope you join us for dinner next week, to enjoy this family favorite and support Amatrice.




 Special Event – Wine Dinner
Thursday, August 25 – 6:30 p.m. 

Join for a special evening of great wines from Allegrini, one of the finest wineries in Italy’s Valpolicella region.

Robin Shay, export manager for Allegrini, will be on hand to host.
Bastas’ owner Marco Frattaroli will be our chef de cuisine, and a special pairing menu will be served.

Seating is limited: contact L&E or reserve online.
$80 per person, inclusive.

Liner & Elsen
Wine Merchants
2222 NW Quimby St.
Portland, OR

Pumpkin Ravioli | Ravioli di Zucca

We are preparing Ravioli di Zucca this week! A fall treat and crowd pleasing classic from Mantova in Northern Italy. House made ravioli stuffed with pumpkin, parmigiana reggiano and amaretto cookies served with a brown butter sauce.